I have issues.
Let's talk
about it. 

This podcast is for anyone who has ever wanted to ask the question "how the f*ck did we get here?" 



Full body shot of Jen Ramos wearing a green chiffon quarter sleeve blouse, dark blue jeans and brown cowboy boots.

Jen Ramos is an activist, organizer, political professional and self proclaimed hellraiser. She knows a thing or two about politics.

Born and raised in Laredo, Texas, she is a proud multi-generational Texan. With over a decade of advocacy and experience in the political arena, Jen has worked on over a hundred campaigns across the state, with three statewide campaigns and experience in the Texas Legislature as both a staffer and activist. She is a commissioner for the City of Austin's Technology and Telecommunications Committee, a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee for the Texas Democratic Party, and is a board member for the national reproductive choice advocacy organization, Men 4 Choice. She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her dog and cat, Roscoe and Reba. When she is not working to change the world and offer political commentary, Jen enjoys baking, going-two-stepping, and is an award-winning karaoke champion.


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Jen has been published and quoted in multiple publications at the local, state, and national levels talking about the Texas political landscape. 



Jen Ramos has issues. 
Issues with Republicans, issues with losing the field as a Texas Democrat, and issues with a political landscape that many are frustrated by but few know about. But what is going on in Texas politics? Why do they keep asking us to vote but not tell us who or what we're voting for and how we got here. How does this even affect me?

These are questions Jen has answered over the years. From talking to fellow servers while working on 6th street to being put on speakerphone by her mom to explain things to her nursing coworkers, Jen realized that everyone is confused, frustrated, and exhausted. We know the world is going to the dogs but most people don't have a clue what's going on and no one wants to explain it. 

So Jen Has Issues was born. Join Jen and the occasional special guest as she breaks down what's going on and why you should give a sh*t. 

Want Jen to explain something specific? Send her an email!